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Doc: Document 'empty' operator

Thanks to Alexander Zubkov for the notification.
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......@@ -1196,6 +1196,8 @@ foot).
<cf><m/P/.len</cf> returns the length of path <m/P/.
<cf><m/P/.empty</cf> resets path <m/P/ to empty path.
<cf>prepend(<m/P/,<m/A/)</cf> prepends ASN <m/A/ to path <m/P/ and
returns the result.
......@@ -1234,6 +1236,8 @@ foot).
<cf><m/C/.len</cf> returns the length of clist <m/C/.
<cf><m/C/.empty</cf> resets clist <m/C/ to empty clist.
<cf>add(<m/C/,<m/P/)</cf> adds pair (or quad) <m/P/ to clist <m/C/ and
returns the result. If item <m/P/ is already in clist <m/C/, it does
nothing. <m/P/ may also be a clist, in that case all its members are
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