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Doc: Minor fix

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......@@ -3673,9 +3673,9 @@ definition of the protocol contains mainly a list of static routes.
interface can be specified as a part of the address (e.g.,
<cf/via fe80::1234%eth0/).
<tag>route <m/prefix/ multipath via <m/ip/ [weight <m/num/] [bfd </m/switch/] [via ...]</tag>
<tag>route <m/prefix/ multipath via <m/ip/ [weight <m/num/] [bfd <m/switch/] [via ...]</tag>
Static multipath route. Contains several nexthops (gateways), possibly
with their weights.
with their weights.
<tag>route <m/prefix/ via <m/"interface"/</tag>
Static device route through an interface to hosts on a directly
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