Commit 23b07904 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Babel: Fix type of route entry router ID

The router ID being assigned to routes was a uint, which discards the
upper 32 bits. This also has the nice side effect of echoing the wrong
router ID back to other routers.

Thanks to Toke Hoiland-Jorgensen for the patch.
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......@@ -2133,7 +2133,7 @@ babel_rt_notify(struct proto *P, struct channel *c UNUSED, struct network *net,
uint internal = (new->attrs->src->proto == P);
uint rt_seqno = internal ? new->u.babel.seqno : p->update_seqno;
uint rt_metric = ea_get_int(attrs, EA_BABEL_METRIC, 0);
uint rt_router_id = internal ? new->u.babel.router_id : p->router_id;
u64 rt_router_id = internal ? new->u.babel.router_id : p->router_id;
if (rt_metric > BABEL_INFINITY)
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