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First attempt at documenting configuration.

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......@@ -76,6 +76,33 @@ protocol rip {
<p>Everything on a line after # is a comment, whitespace is
ignored. If there's variable number of options, it is grouped using {
} brackets.
<tag>log "<i/filename/"|syslog|stderr all|{ debug, trace, info,
remote, warning, error, auth, fatal, bug }</tag> set logging of
classes (either all or { error, trace } etc.) into selected destination.
<tag>debug protocols all|off|{ states, routes, filters,
interfaces, events, packets }</tag> set debugging options.
<tag>filter <i/name/ { <i/commands/ }</tag> define filter. You can
learn more about filters in next chapter.
<tag>protocol rip|ospf|bgp <i/name/ { <i>protocol options</i> }</tag> define
protocol instance, called name. You can learn more about
configuring protocols in their own chapters.
<tag>define constant = expression</tag> define constant. You can
use it later in every place you could use simple integer.
<tag>router id <i/ip_address/</tag> set router id.
<tag>table <i/name/</tag> create new routing table.
<p>You can find example of more complicated configuration file in <file>doc/bird.conf.example</file>.
......@@ -145,7 +172,7 @@ booleans (that is to prevent you from shooting in the foot).
<tag/string/ this is string of characters. There are no ways to modify strings in filters. You can
pass them between functions, assign to variable of type string, print such variables, but
you can not concatenate two strings (for example). String constants are written as <cf/
"This is string constant".
"This is string constant"/.
<tag/ip/ this type can hold single ip address. Depending on version of bird you are using, it
can be ipv4 or ipv6 address. Ipv4 addresses addresses are written (as you would expect) as
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