Commit 2836ce39 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš
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Check broadcast address sanity before believing it.

parent bcbdcbb6
......@@ -377,24 +377,28 @@ nl_parse_addr(struct nlmsghdr *h)
ip_addr netmask = ipa_mkmask(ifa.pxlen);
ip_addr xbrd;
ifa.prefix = ipa_and(ifa.ip, netmask);
ifa.brd = ipa_or(ifa.ip, ipa_not(netmask));
#ifndef IPV6
if (i->ifa_prefixlen == BITS_PER_IP_ADDRESS - 2)
ifa.opposite = ipa_opposite(ifa.ip);
if ((ifi->flags & IF_BROADCAST) && a[IFA_BROADCAST])
memcpy(&ifa.brd, RTA_DATA(a[IFA_BROADCAST]), sizeof(ifa.brd));
memcpy(&xbrd, RTA_DATA(a[IFA_BROADCAST]), sizeof(xbrd));
if (ipa_equal(xbrd, ifa.prefix) || ipa_equal(xbrd, ifa.brd))
ifa.brd = xbrd;
log(L_ERR "KIF: Invalid broadcast address %I for %s", xbrd, ifi->name);
ifa.brd = ipa_or(ifa.ip, ipa_not(netmask));
ifa.prefix = ipa_and(ifa.ip, netmask);
scope = ipa_classify(ifa.ip);
if (scope < 0)
log(L_ERR "KIF: Invalid interface address %I", ifa.ip);
log(L_ERR "KIF: Invalid interface address %I for %s", ifa.ip, ifi->name);
ifa.scope = scope & IADDR_SCOPE_MASK;
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