Commit 345e50d5 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Nest: remove duplicate function

parent 75d98b60
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......@@ -92,8 +92,7 @@ fib_ht_free(struct fib_node **h)
static u32
fib_hash(struct fib *f, const net_addr *a);
static inline u32 fib_hash(struct fib *f, const net_addr *a);
* fib_init - initialize a new FIB
......@@ -198,24 +197,11 @@ fib_rehash(struct fib *f, int step)
static u32
static inline u32
fib_hash(struct fib *f, const net_addr *a)
ASSERT(f->addr_type == a->type);
switch (f->addr_type)
case NET_IP4: return FIB_HASH(f, a, ip4);
case NET_IP6: return FIB_HASH(f, a, ip6);
case NET_VPN4: return FIB_HASH(f, a, vpn4);
case NET_VPN6: return FIB_HASH(f, a, vpn6);
case NET_ROA4: return FIB_HASH(f, a, roa4);
case NET_ROA6: return FIB_HASH(f, a, roa6);
case NET_FLOW4: return FIB_HASH(f, a, flow4);
case NET_FLOW6: return FIB_HASH(f, a, flow6);
case NET_MPLS: return FIB_HASH(f, a, mpls);
default: bug("invalid type");
/* Same as FIB_HASH() */
return net_hash(a) >> f->hash_shift;
void *
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