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'show route protocol <p>' added to CLI.

parent ef9c9ab9
......@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@ BIRD and <file/birdc/ is stable (see the programmer's documentation).
<tag>show symbols</tag>
Show the list of symbols defined in the configuration (names of protocols, routing tables etc.).
<tag>show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(import|preimport) <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
<tag>show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(import|preimport) <m/p/] [protocol <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
Show contents of a routing table (by default of the main one),
that is routes, their metrics and (in case the <cf/all/ switch is given)
all their attributes.
......@@ -370,6 +370,9 @@ BIRD and <file/birdc/ is stable (see the programmer's documentation).
that are imported to the specified protocol. With <cf/preimport/, the
import filter of the protocol is skipped.
<p>You can also select just routes added by a specific protocol.
<cf>protocol <m/p/</cf>.
<p>The <cf/stats/ switch requests showing of route statistics (the
number of networks, number of routes before and after filtering). If
you use <cf/count/ instead, only the statistics will be printed.
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ CF_CLI(SHOW INTERFACES,,, [[Show network interfaces]])
CF_CLI(SHOW INTERFACES SUMMARY,,, [[Show summary of network interfaces]])
{ if_show_summary(); } ;
CF_CLI(SHOW ROUTE, r_args, [[[<prefix>|for <prefix>|for <ip>] [table <t>] [filter <f>|where <cond>] [all] [primary] [(import|preimport) <p>] [stats|count]]], [[Show routing table]])
CF_CLI(SHOW ROUTE, r_args, [[[<prefix>|for <prefix>|for <ip>] [table <t>] [filter <f>|where <cond>] [all] [primary] [(import|preimport) <p>] [protocol <p>] [stats|count]]], [[Show routing table]])
{ rt_show($3); } ;
......@@ -334,6 +334,14 @@ r_args:
$$->import_protocol = c->proto;
$$->running_on_config = c->proto->cf->global;
| r_args PROTOCOL SYM {
struct proto_config *c = (struct proto_config *) $3->def;
$$ = $1;
if ($$->show_protocol) cf_error("Protocol specified twice");
if ($3->class != SYM_PROTO || !c->proto) cf_error("%s is not a protocol", $3->name);
$$->show_protocol = c->proto;
$$->running_on_config = c->proto->cf->global;
| r_args STATS {
$$ = $1;
$$->stats = 1;
......@@ -211,6 +211,7 @@ struct rt_show_data {
struct filter *filter;
int verbose;
struct fib_iterator fit;
struct proto *show_protocol;
struct proto *import_protocol;
int import_mode, primary_only;
struct config *running_on_config;
......@@ -979,11 +979,13 @@ rt_show_net(struct cli *c, net *n, struct rt_show_data *d)
struct ea_list *tmpa, *old_tmpa;
struct proto *p0 = e->attrs->proto;
struct proto *p1 = d->import_protocol;
struct proto *p2 = d->show_protocol;
ee = e;
rte_update_lock(); /* We use the update buffer for filtering */
old_tmpa = tmpa = p0->make_tmp_attrs ? p0->make_tmp_attrs(e, rte_update_pool) : NULL;
ok = (d->filter == FILTER_ACCEPT || f_run(d->filter, &e, &tmpa, rte_update_pool, FF_FORCE_TMPATTR) <= F_ACCEPT);
if (p2 && p2 != p0) ok = 0;
if (ok && d->import_mode)
int ic = (p1->import_control ? p1->import_control(p1, &e, &tmpa, rte_update_pool) : 0);
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