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Added some temporary examples of how to define CLI commands (search for CF_CLI).

To define a new command, just add a new rule to the gramar:
  CF_CLI(COMMAND NAME, arguments, help-args, help-text) {
	} ;
where <arguments> are appended to the RHS of the rule, <help-args> is the
argument list as shown in the help and <help-text> is description of the
command for the help.

<what-should-the-command-do> is a C code snippet to be executed. It should
not take too much time to execute. If you want to print out a lot of
information, you can schedule a routine to be called after the current
buffer is flushed by making cli->cont point to the routine (see the
TEST LONG command definition for an example); if the connection is closed
in the meantime, cli->cleanup gets called.

You can access `struct cli' belonging to the connection you're currently
servicing as this_cli, but only during parse time, not from routines scheduled
for deferred execution.

Functions to call inside command handlers:
  cli_printf(cli, code, printf-args) -- print text to CLI connection,
	<code> is message code as assigned in doc/reply_codes or a negative
	one if it's a continuation line.
  cli_msg(code, printf-args) -- the same for this_cli.

Use 'sock -x bird.ctl' for connecting to the CLI until a client is written.
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......@@ -187,9 +187,29 @@ password_list:
/* Core commands */
CF_CLI(TEST LEDS, <N>, [[Flashes each LED <N> times]]) NUM { cli_msg(0, "%d", $3); } ;
CF_CLI(TEST, 1, 2) { cli_msg(0, "OK"); }
/* FIXME: These are examples. Remove them soon. */
CF_CLI_HELP(TEST, <subsystem>, [[Tests different subsystems]])
CF_CLI(TEST LEDS, NUM, <N>, [[Flashes each LED <N> times]]) { cli_msg(0, "%d", $3); } ;
CF_CLI(TEST MEMORY,,, [[Replace all useful information by testing patterns]]) { cli_msg(0, "DONE"); } ;
CF_CLI(TEST LONG,,, [[Test long replies]]) {
static void test_command(struct cli *);
this_cli->cont = test_command;
this_cli->rover = (void *) 1;
cli_msg(-2, "Start");
} ;
static void test_command(struct cli *c)
int i = (int) c->rover;
if (i < 10) {
cli_printf(c, -3, "%d", i);
c->rover = (void *) ++i;
} else {
c->cont = NULL;
cli_printf(c, 4, "DONE");
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