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Doc: Fix unnecessary special chars

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......@@ -815,7 +815,7 @@ This argument can be omitted if there exists only a single instance.
number of networks, number of routes before and after filtering). If
you use <cf/count/ instead, only the statistics will be printed.
<tag><label id="cli-show-roa">show roa [<m/prefix/ | in <m/prefix/ | for <m/prefix/] [as <m/num/] [table <m/t/>]</tag>
<tag><label id="cli-show-roa">show roa [<m/prefix/ | in <m/prefix/ | for <m/prefix/] [as <m/num/] [table <m/t/]</tag>
Show contents of a ROA table (by default of the first one). You can
specify a <m/prefix/ to print ROA entries for a specific network. If you
use <cf>for <m/prefix/</cf>, you'll get all entries relevant for route
......@@ -824,16 +824,16 @@ This argument can be omitted if there exists only a single instance.
entries covered by the network prefix. You could also use <cf/as/ option
to show just entries for given AS.
<tag><label id="cli-add-roa">add roa <m/prefix/ max <m/num/] as <m/num/ [table <m/t/>]</tag>
<tag><label id="cli-add-roa">add roa <m/prefix/ max <m/num/ as <m/num/ [table <m/t/]</tag>
Add a new ROA entry to a ROA table. Such entry is called <it/dynamic/
compared to <it/static/ entries specified in the config file. These
dynamic entries survive reconfiguration.
<tag><label id="cli-delete-roa">delete roa <m/prefix/ max <m/num/] as <m/num/ [table <m/t/>]</tag>
<tag><label id="cli-delete-roa">delete roa <m/prefix/ max <m/num/ as <m/num/ [table <m/t/]</tag>
Delete the specified ROA entry from a ROA table. Only dynamic ROA
entries (i.e., the ones added by <cf/add roa/ command) can be deleted.
<tag><label id="cli-flush-roa">flush roa [table <m/t/>]</tag>
<tag><label id="cli-flush-roa">flush roa [table <m/t/]</tag>
Remove all dynamic ROA entries from a ROA table.
<tag><label id="cli-configure">configure [soft] ["<m/config file/"] [timeout [<m/num/]]</tag>
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