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BGP: Add documentaion for extended messages

parent ce95af7a
......@@ -1862,6 +1862,11 @@ using the following configuration parameters:
in neighbor's implementation of 4B AS extension. Even when disabled
(off), BIRD behaves internally as AS4-aware BGP router. Default: on.
<tag>enable extended messages <m/switch/</tag>
The BGP protocol uses maximum message length of 4096 bytes. This option
provides an extension to allow extended messages with length up
to 65535 bytes. Default: off.
<tag>capabilities <m/switch/</tag>
Use capability advertisement to advertise optional capabilities. This is
standard behavior for newer BGP implementations, but there might be some
......@@ -2057,7 +2062,7 @@ protocol bgp {
multihop; # ... which is connected indirectly
export filter { # We use non-trivial export rules
if source = RTS_STATIC then { # Export only static routes
# Assign our community
# Assign our community
# Artificially increase path length
# by advertising local AS number twice
......@@ -2266,7 +2271,7 @@ these attributes:
<tag>ip <cf/krt_prefsrc/</tag> (Linux)
The preferred source address. Used in source address selection for
outgoing packets. Has to be one of the IP addresses of the router.
outgoing packets. Has to be one of the IP addresses of the router.
<tag>int <cf/krt_realm/</tag> (Linux)
The realm of the route. Can be used for traffic classification.
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ idval:
$$ = ipa_to_u32(SYM_VAL($1).px.ip);
cf_error("Number of IPv4 address constant expected");
cf_error("Number or IPv4 address constant expected");
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