Commit 79a4f74a authored by Pavel Tvrdík's avatar Pavel Tvrdík
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BGP: Add documentaion for extended messages

parent ce95af7a
......@@ -1862,6 +1862,11 @@ using the following configuration parameters:
in neighbor's implementation of 4B AS extension. Even when disabled
(off), BIRD behaves internally as AS4-aware BGP router. Default: on.
<tag>enable extended messages <m/switch/</tag>
The BGP protocol uses maximum message length of 4096 bytes. This option
provides an extension to allow extended messages with length up
to 65535 bytes. Default: off.
<tag>capabilities <m/switch/</tag>
Use capability advertisement to advertise optional capabilities. This is
standard behavior for newer BGP implementations, but there might be some
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ idval:
$$ = ipa_to_u32(SYM_VAL($1).px.ip);
cf_error("Number of IPv4 address constant expected");
cf_error("Number or IPv4 address constant expected");
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