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How to install BIRD
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install
Default location for configuration file is /usr/local/etc/bird.conf and
for control socket is /usr/local/var/run/bird.ctl . You can change that
by --sysconfdir and --localstatedir configure options.
For compiling BIRD you need these programs and libraries:
- GNU C Compiler
- GNU Make
- GNU Bison
- GNU M4
- Flex
- ncurses library
- GNU Readline library (2.1 or newer)
For compiling BIRD documentation you also need:
- Linuxdoc-Tools
- LaTeX
......@@ -844,7 +844,8 @@ for each neighbor using the following configuration parameters:
of the interface our neighbor is connected to.
<tag>password <m/string/</tag> Use this password for MD5 authentication
of BGP sessions. Default: no authentication.
of BGP sessions. Default: no authentication. Password has to be set by
external utility (e.g. setkey(8)) on BSD systems.
<tag>rr client</tag> Be a route reflector and treat the neighbor as
a route reflection client. Default: disabled.
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