Commit 92bbd812 authored by Ondřej Filip's avatar Ondřej Filip
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OSPF added to default protocols.

parent 249fdef7
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(tools)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(debug,[ --enable-debug enable internal debugging routines (default: enabled)],,enable_debug=yes)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(client,[ --enable-client enable building of BIRD client (default: enabled)],,enable_client=yes)
AC_ARG_WITH(sysconfig,[ --with-sysconfig=FILE use specified BIRD system configuration file])
AC_ARG_WITH(protocols,[ --with-protocols=LIST include specified routing protocols (default: rip,static,pipe,bgp)],,[with_protocols="rip,static,pipe,bgp"])
AC_ARG_WITH(protocols,[ --with-protocols=LIST include specified routing protocols (default: rip,static,pipe,bgp,ospf)],,[with_protocols="rip,static,pipe,bgp,ospf"])
AC_ARG_WITH(sysinclude,[ --with-sysinclude=PATH search for system includes on specified place])
if test "$srcdir" = . ; then
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