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More CLI plans...

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......@@ -44,17 +44,20 @@ Core
shutdown # order system shutdown
configure [<file>]
debug <what> # dump debugging information to log
show protocols [<name>]
route [<route>] [table <name>] [filter (<name> | { <inline> })] [where <condition>]
<name> # show everything you know about symbol <name>
route [<route>] [table <name>] [filter (<name> | { <inline> })] [where <condition>] [all]
status # router id, version etc.
rip ??? [<name>]
ospf ??? [<name>]
static ??? [<name>]
interfaces [<name>]
(disable|enable|restart) <protocol>
neighbors # ???
filters [<name>]
(disable|enable|restart) <protocol> # or ALL?
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