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BGP: Handle missing NEXT_HOP attribute properly

RFC 7606 specifies handle-as-withdraw instead of session reset.
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......@@ -1109,6 +1109,9 @@ bgp_decode_attrs(struct bgp_parse_state *s, byte *data, uint len)
if (!BIT32_TEST(s->attrs_seen, BA_AS_PATH))
{ REPORT(NO_MANDATORY, "AS_PATH"); goto withdraw; }
if (s->ip_reach_len && !BIT32_TEST(s->attrs_seen, BA_NEXT_HOP))
{ REPORT(NO_MANDATORY, "NEXT_HOP"); goto withdraw; }
/* When receiving attributes from non-AS4-aware BGP speaker, we have to
reconstruct AS_PATH and AGGREGATOR attributes; RFC 6793 4.2.3 */
if (!p->as4_session)
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