Commit 9da4d143 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš
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A couple of OSPF fixes:

o  ((flags & IF_CHANGE_UP) == IF_CHANGE_UP)   ->   (flags & IF_CHANGE_UP)
o  bcopy  ->  memcpy   (bcopy is unportable)
o  Ifdeffed out add_tail(&(ifa->sk_list),NODE mcsk) -- the node in socket
   structure is for internal use by the resource manager only. (Now, the
   debugging dump of open sockets looks sane :-)).
parent 1ab4dee0
......@@ -185,23 +185,25 @@ ospf_if_notify(struct proto *p, unsigned flags, struct iface *new, struct iface
DBG(" OSPF: If notify called\n");
if(((flags & IF_CHANGE_UP)==IF_CHANGE_UP) && is_good_iface(p, new))
if((flags & IF_CHANGE_UP) && is_good_iface(p, new))
debug(" OSPF: using interface %s.\n", new->name);
/* FIXME: Latter I'll use config - this is incorrect */
ifa=mb_alloc(p->pool, sizeof(struct ospf_iface));
bcopy(new, ifa, sizeof(struct ospf_iface));
memcpy(ifa, new, sizeof(struct ospf_iface));
add_tail(&((struct proto_ospf *)p)->iface_list, NODE ifa);
if((mcsk=ospf_open_socket(p, ifa))!=NULL)
#if 0 /* FIXME: You cannot do this: the socket nodes are used internally by the resource manager */
add_tail(&(ifa->sk_list),NODE mcsk);
if(flags & IF_CHANGE_DOWN)
if((ifa=find_iface((struct proto_ospf *)p, old))!=NULL)
......@@ -209,7 +211,7 @@ ospf_if_notify(struct proto *p, unsigned flags, struct iface *new, struct iface
if(flags & IF_CHANGE_MTU)
if((ifa=find_iface((struct proto_ospf *)p, old))!=NULL)
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