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Added some new protocol hooks (look at the comments for better explanation):

	make_tmp_attrs		Convert inline attributes to ea_list
	store_tmp_attrs		Convert ea_list to inline attributes
	import_control		Pre-import decisions
parent 5056c559
......@@ -92,9 +92,34 @@ struct proto {
unsigned core_state; /* Core state machine (see below) */
unsigned core_goal; /* State we want to reach (see below) */
* General protocol hooks:
* if_notify Notify protocol about interface state changes.
* rt_notify Notify protocol about routing table updates.
* neigh_notify Notify protocol about neighbor cache events.
* make_tmp_attrs Construct ea_list from private attrs stored in rte.
* store_tmp_attrs Store private attrs back to the rte.
* import_control Called as the first step of the route importing process.
* It can construct a new rte, add private attributes and
* decide whether the route shall be imported: 1=yes, -1=no,
* 0=process it through the import filter set by the user.
void (*if_notify)(struct proto *, unsigned flags, struct iface *new, struct iface *old);
void (*rt_notify)(struct proto *, struct network *net, struct rte *new, struct rte *old);
void (*neigh_notify)(struct neighbor *neigh);
struct ea_list *(*make_tmp_attrs)(struct rte *rt, struct linpool *pool);
void (*store_tmp_attrs)(struct rte *rt, struct ea_list *attrs);
int (*import_control)(struct proto *, struct rte **rt, struct ea_list **attrs, struct linpool *pool);
* Routing entry hooks (called only for rte's belonging to this protocol):
* rte_better Compare two rte's and decide which one is better (1=first, 0=second).
* rte_insert Called whenever a rte is inserted to a routing table.
* rte_remove Called whenever a rte is removed from the routing table.
int (*rte_better)(struct rte *, struct rte *);
void (*rte_insert)(struct network *, struct rte *);
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