Commit a1ee5eb2 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

BSD: Fix TCP-MD5 code on current FreeBSD kernels

Current FreeBSD kernels require SA records for both directions.

Thanks to Joseph Mulloy and Andrey V. Elsukov for reporting and
solving the issue.
parent 4d9049dc
......@@ -160,12 +160,14 @@ sk_set_md5_in_sasp_db(sock *s, ip_addr local, ip_addr remote, struct iface *ifa,
if (len > TCP_KEYLEN_MAX)
ERR_MSG("The password for TCP MD5 Signature is too long");
if (setkey_md5(&src, &dst, pxlen, passwd, SADB_ADD) < 0)
if ((setkey_md5(&src, &dst, pxlen, passwd, SADB_ADD) < 0) ||
(setkey_md5(&dst, &src, pxlen, passwd, SADB_ADD) < 0))
ERR_MSG("Cannot add TCP-MD5 password into the IPsec SA/SP database");
if (setkey_md5(&src, &dst, pxlen, NULL, SADB_DELETE) < 0)
if ((setkey_md5(&src, &dst, pxlen, NULL, SADB_DELETE) < 0) ||
(setkey_md5(&dst, &src, pxlen, NULL, SADB_DELETE) < 0))
ERR_MSG("Cannot delete TCP-MD5 password from the IPsec SA/SP database");
return 0;
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