Commit a63d20aa authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Doc: Documentation for BGP extended next hop feature

Thanks to Arvin Gan for the bugreport.
parent 157f6c2a
......@@ -2562,6 +2562,15 @@ be used in explicit configuration.
explicitly (to conserve memory). This option requires that the connected
routing table is <ref id="dsc-table-sorted" name="sorted">. Default: off.
<tag><label id="bgp-extended-next-hop">extended next hop <m/switch/</tag>
BGP expects that announced next hops have the same address family as
associated network prefixes. This option provides an extension to use
IPv4 next hops with IPv6 prefixes and vice versa. For IPv4 / VPNv4
channels, the behavior is controlled by the Extended Next Hop Encoding
capability, as described in <rfc id="5549">. For IPv6 / VPNv6 channels,
just IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses are used, as described in
<rfc id="4798"> and <rfc id="4659">. Default: off.
<tag><label id="bgp-add-paths">add paths <m/switch/|rx|tx</tag>
Standard BGP can propagate only one path (route) per destination network
(usually the selected one). This option controls the add-path protocol
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