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Doc: Documentation for long-lived graceful restart

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......@@ -2108,6 +2108,25 @@ using the following configuration parameters:
re-establish after a restart before deleting stale routes. Default:
120 seconds.
<tag><label id="bgp-long-lived-graceful-restart">long lived graceful restart <m/switch/|aware</tag>
The long-lived graceful restart is an extension of the traditional
<ref id="bgp-graceful-restart" name="BGP graceful restart">, where stale
routes are kept even after the <ref id="bgp-graceful-restart-time"
name="restart time"> expires for additional long-lived stale time, but
they are marked with the LLGR_STALE community, depreferenced, and
withdrawn from routers not supporting LLGR. Like traditional BGP
graceful restart, it has three states: disabled, aware (receiving-only),
and enabled. Note that long-lived graceful restart requires at least
aware level of traditional BGP graceful restart. Default: aware, unless
graceful restart is disabled.
<tag><label id="bgp-long-lived-stale-time">long lived stale time <m/number/</tag>
The long-lived stale time is announced in the BGP long-lived graceful
restart capability and specifies how long the neighbor would keep stale
routes depreferenced during long-lived graceful restart until either the
session is re-stablished and synchronized or the stale time expires and
routes are removed. Default: 3600 seconds.
<tag><label id="bgp-interpret-communities">interpret communities <m/switch/</tag>
<rfc id="1997"> demands that BGP speaker should process well-known
communities like no-export (65535, 65281) or no-advertise (65535,
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