Commit b7a735ea authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Allow 'third party' BGP updates for originated routes.

parent 4827b69f
......@@ -788,8 +788,8 @@ bgp_create_attrs(struct bgp_proto *p, rte *e, ea_list **attrs, struct linpool *p
z = bgp_set_attr_wa(ea->attrs+2, pool, BA_NEXT_HOP, NEXT_HOP_LENGTH);
if (p->cf->next_hop_self ||
!p->is_internal ||
rta->dest != RTD_ROUTER)
rta->dest != RTD_ROUTER ||
(!p->is_internal && (e->attrs->iface != p->neigh->iface)))
set_next_hop(z, p->source_addr);
set_next_hop(z, e->attrs->gw);
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