Commit c0760ab0 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš
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Debugging compilation is no longer default. This means that the configuration

file is expected in $prefix/etc etc.

Use --enable-debug to request debugging.
parent d8508f70
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ AC_REVISION($Id$)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(debug,[ --enable-debug enable internal debugging routines (default: enabled)],,enable_debug=yes)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(debug,[ --enable-debug enable internal debugging routines (default: disabled)],,enable_debug=no)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(warnings,[ --enable-warnings enable extra warnings (default: disabled)],,enable_warnings=no)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(client,[ --enable-client enable building of BIRD client (default: enabled)],,enable_client=yes)
AC_ARG_ENABLE(ipv6,[ --enable-ipv6 enable building of IPv6 version (default: disabled)],,enable_ipv6=no)
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