Commit c6bdc78b authored by Ondřej Filip's avatar Ondřej Filip

Be more verbose.

parent 6f3203fa
......@@ -274,11 +274,11 @@ can_do_adj(struct ospf_neighbor *n)
ospf_neigh_sm(struct ospf_neighbor *n, int event)
struct proto *p=(struct proto *)(n->ifa->proto);
struct proto_ospf *po=n->ifa->proto;
struct proto *p=(struct proto *)po;
DBG("%s: Neighbor state machine for neighbor %I, event \"%s\".\n",
p->name, n->rid, ospf_inm[event]);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Neighbor state machine for neighbor %I, event \"%s\".",
n->ip, ospf_inm[event]);
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