Commit c8387626 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Fixes a tricky bug in the pipe protocol.

When uncofiguring the pipe and the peer table, the peer table was
unlocked when pipe protocol state changed to down/flushing and not to
down/hungry. This leads to the removal of the peer table before
the routes from the pipe were flushed.

The fix leads to adding some pipe-specific hacks to the nest,
but this seems inevitable.
parent a2ea1bac
......@@ -133,6 +133,11 @@ proto_init_instance(struct proto *p)
p->attn = ev_new(p->pool);
p->attn->data = p;
if (proto_is_pipe(p))
......@@ -583,6 +588,12 @@ proto_fell_down(struct proto *p)
bzero(&p->stats, sizeof(struct proto_stats));
if (proto_is_pipe(p))
......@@ -334,4 +334,18 @@ struct announce_hook {
struct announce_hook *proto_add_announce_hook(struct proto *, struct rtable *);
* Some pipe-specific nest hacks
static inline int proto_is_pipe(struct proto *p)
{ return p->proto == &proto_pipe; }
struct rtable *pipe_get_peer_table(struct proto *p);
......@@ -642,7 +642,7 @@ rte_update(rtable *table, net *net, struct proto *p, struct proto *src, rte *new
/* Do not filter routes going through the pipe,
they are filtered in the export filter only. */
if (p->proto == &proto_pipe)
if (proto_is_pipe(p))
......@@ -138,6 +138,9 @@ pipe_start(struct proto *P)
* end of the pipe (we need to do this in order to get different
* filters and announce functions and it unfortunately involves
* a couple of magic trickery).
* The phantom protocol is used ONLY in announce hooks and
* therefore in do_rte_announce() function.
ph = mb_alloc(P->pool, sizeof(struct pipe_proto));
memcpy(ph, p, sizeof(struct pipe_proto));
......@@ -170,20 +173,10 @@ pipe_start(struct proto *P)
a = proto_add_announce_hook(P, p->peer);
a->proto = &ph->p;
return PS_UP;
static int
pipe_shutdown(struct proto *P)
struct pipe_proto *p = (struct pipe_proto *) P;
return PS_DOWN;
static struct proto *
pipe_init(struct proto_config *C)
......@@ -234,13 +227,19 @@ pipe_reconfigure(struct proto *P, struct proto_config *new)
return 1;
struct rtable *
pipe_get_peer_table(struct proto *P)
struct pipe_proto *p = (struct pipe_proto *) P;
return p->peer;
struct protocol proto_pipe = {
name: "Pipe",
template: "pipe%d",
postconfig: pipe_postconfig,
init: pipe_init,
start: pipe_start,
shutdown: pipe_shutdown,
reconfigure: pipe_reconfigure,
get_status: pipe_get_status,
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