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Doc: Fix notes related to obsolete option

Thanks to Julien Dessaux for the report.
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......@@ -2848,14 +2848,6 @@ itself and BGP protocol is usually used for exporting aggregate routes. But the
Direct protocol is necessary for distance-vector protocols like RIP or Babel to
announce local networks.
<p>There is one notable case when you definitely want to use the direct protocol
-- running BIRD on BSD systems. Having high priority device routes for directly
connected networks from the direct protocol protects kernel device routes from
being overwritten or removed by IGP routes during some transient network
conditions, because a lower priority IGP route for the same network is not
exported to the kernel routing table. This is an issue on BSD systems only, as
on Linux systems BIRD cannot change non-BIRD route in the kernel routing table.
<p>There are just few configuration options for the Direct protocol:
......@@ -2900,14 +2892,10 @@ interface) or whether an `alien' route has been added by someone else (depending
on the <cf/learn/ switch, such routes are either ignored or accepted to our
<p>Unfortunately, there is one thing that makes the routing table synchronization
a bit more complicated. In the kernel routing table there are also device routes
for directly connected networks. These routes are usually managed by OS itself
(as a part of IP address configuration) and we don't want to touch that. They
are completely ignored during the scan of the kernel tables and also the export
of device routes from BIRD tables to kernel routing tables is restricted to
prevent accidental interference. This restriction can be disabled using
<cf/device routes/ switch.
<p>Note that routes created by OS kernel itself, namely direct routes
representing IP subnets of associated interfaces, are not imported even with
<cf/learn/ enabled. You can use <ref id="direct" name="Direct protocol"> to
generate these direct routes.
<p>If your OS supports only a single routing table, you can configure only one
instance of the Kernel protocol. If it supports multiple tables (in order to
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