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Added a few sentences about symbol names.

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......@@ -256,7 +256,10 @@ which allows you to talk with BIRD in an extensive way.
<p>In the config, everything on a line after <cf/#/ or inside <cf>/*
*/</cf> is a comment, whitespace characters are treated as a single space. If there's a variable number of options, they are grouped using
the <cf/{ }/ brackets. Each option is terminated by a <cf/;/. Configuration
is case sensitive.
is case sensitive. There are two ways how to name symbols (like protocol names, filter names, constats etc.). You can either use
a simple string starting with a letter followed by any combination of letters and numbers (e.g. "R123", "myfilter", "bgp5") or you
can enclose the name into apostrophes (<cf/'/) and than you can use any combination of numbers, letters. hyphens, dots and colons
(e.g. "'1:strange-name'", "'-NAME-'", "'cool::name'").
<p>Here is an example of a simple config file. It enables
synchronization of routing tables with OS kernel, scans for
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