Commit e1c275d8 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Nest: Reestablish preferred counters

parent e84c81b7
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......@@ -1696,8 +1696,8 @@ channel_show_stats(struct channel *c)
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u filtered, %u exported",
s->imp_routes, s->filt_routes, s->exp_routes);
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u exported",
s->imp_routes, s->exp_routes);
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u exported, %u preferred",
s->imp_routes, s->exp_routes, s->pref_routes);
cli_msg(-1006, " Route change stats: received rejected filtered ignored accepted");
cli_msg(-1006, " Import updates: %10u %10u %10u %10u %10u",
......@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ struct proto_stats {
/* Import - from protocol to core */
u32 imp_routes; /* Number of routes successfully imported to the (adjacent) routing table */
u32 filt_routes; /* Number of routes rejected in import filter but kept in the routing table */
u32 pref_routes; /* Number of routes selected as best in the (adjacent) routing table */
u32 imp_updates_received; /* Number of route updates received */
u32 imp_updates_invalid; /* Number of route updates rejected as invalid */
u32 imp_updates_filtered; /* Number of route updates rejected by filters */
......@@ -901,8 +901,16 @@ rte_announce(rtable *tab, unsigned type, net *net, rte *new, rte *old,
if (!old && !new)
if ((type == RA_OPTIMAL) && tab->hostcache)
rt_notify_hostcache(tab, net);
if (type == RA_OPTIMAL)
if (new)
if (old)
if (tab->hostcache)
rt_notify_hostcache(tab, net);
struct channel *c; node *n;
WALK_LIST2(c, n, tab->channels, table_node)
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