Commit ef0883a1 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš
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Adapted RIP to new interface flags. Pavel, please verify it's right.

parent 6a636392
......@@ -585,13 +585,9 @@ new_iface(struct proto *p, struct iface *new, unsigned long flags, struct iface_
rif->sock->ttl = 30;
rif->sock->tos = IP_PREC_INTERNET_CONTROL;
if (flags & IF_BROADCAST)
rif->sock->daddr = new->addr->brd;
if (flags & IF_UNNUMBERED) {
rif->sock->daddr = new->addr->opposite;
rif->sock->daddr = new->addr->brd;
if (new->addr->flags & IA_UNNUMBERED)
log( L_WARN "RIP/%s: rip is not defined over unnumbered links\n", P_NAME );
if (want_multicast) {
rif->sock->daddr = ipa_from_u32(0xe0000009);
rif->sock->saddr = ipa_from_u32(0xe0000009);
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