Commit f9bd11c3 authored by Pavel Tvrdik's avatar Pavel Tvrdik

Doc: Use [table t] or [table name]

parent 74d76f6c
......@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@ This argument can be omitted if there exists only a single instance.
Show the list of symbols defined in the configuration (names of
protocols, routing tables etc.).
<tag><label id="cli-show-route">show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(export|preexport|noexport) <m/p/] [protocol <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
<tag><label id="cli-show-route">show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/t/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(export|preexport|noexport) <m/p/] [protocol <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
Show contents of a routing table (by default of the main one or the
table attached to a respective protocol), that is routes, their metrics
and (in case the <cf/all/ switch is given) all their attributes.
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