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F client Client
.S client.c commands.c
H Client
S client.c commands.c
F conf Configuration
.S conf.c
H Configuration
S conf.c
H Library
.F csum Checksums and hash functions
..S checksum.c md5.c
.F ip IP addresses
..S ip.c ipv4.c ipv6.c
.F list Linked lists
..S lists.c
.H Resource management
..F gen Generic resource functions
...S resource.c
..F mempool Memory pools
...S mempool.c
..F slab Slabs
...S slab.c
..F sock Sockets
...S socket.h
.H Miscellaneous functions
..F bit Bit operations
...S bitops.c
..F event Events
...S event.c
..F pat Pattern matching
...S patmatch.c
..F printf Printf
...S printf.c
..F unaligned Unaligned access
S checksum.c md5.c
S ip.c ipv4.c ipv6.c
S lists.c
S mempool.c
S slab.c
S socket.h
S bitops.c
S event.c
S patmatch.c
S printf.c
S unaligned.h
H Protocols
.C bgp
.C ospf
.C pipe
.C rip
.C static
C bgp
C ospf
C pipe
C rip
C static
F rip RIP
.S rip.c
S rip.c
H System-dependent parts
.C unix
C unix
.F io I/O Functions
..S io.c
.F log Logging Functions
..S log.c
.F krt Kernel Syncer
..S krt.c
H UNIX system dependent parts
S io.c
S log.c
S krt.c
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