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    • Ondřej Zajíček's avatar
      Implements protocol templates. · a7f23f58
      Ondřej Zajíček authored
      Based on the patch from Alexander V. Chernikov.
      Extended to support almost all protocols.
      Uses 'protocol bgp NAME from TEMPLATE { ... }' syntax.
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      From now we support multiple tables. The master_table variable is · 0e02abfd
      Martin Mareš authored
      definitely gone. Both rte_update() and rte_discard() have an additional
      argument telling which table should they modify.
      Also, rte_update() no longer walks the whole protocol list -- each table
      has a list of all protocols connected to this table and having the
      rt_notify hook set. Each protocol can also freely decide (by calling
      proto_add_announce_hook) to connect to any other table, but it will
      be probably used only by the table-to-table protocol.
      The default debugging dumps now include all routing tables and also
      all their connections.
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Changed syntax of attaching filters to protocols to hopefully the final · 5056c559
      Martin Mareš authored
      	EXPORT <filter-spec>	for outbound routes (i.e., those announced
      				by BIRD to the rest of the world).
      	IMPORT <filter-spec>	for inbound routes (i.e., those imported
      				by BIRD from the rest of the world).
      where <filter-spec> is one of:
      	ALL			pass all routes
      	NONE			drop all routes
      	FILTER <name>		use named filter
      	FILTER { <filter> }	use explicitly defined filter
      For all protocols, the default is IMPORT ALL, EXPORT NONE. This includes
      the kernel protocol, so that you need to add EXPORT ALL to get the previous
      configuration of kernel syncer (as usually, see doc/bird.conf.example for
      a bird.conf example :)).
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      After today's lengthy discussions about filter syntax, let's clean up · 7f400d1c
      Martin Mareš authored
      whitespace/semicolon rules for whole config file:
         o  All non-zero amounts of whitespace are equivalent to single space
            (aka `all the whitespace has been born equal' ;-)).
         o  Comments count as whitespace.
         o  Whitespace has no syntactic signifance (it can only separate lexical
         o  Consequence: line ends are no longer treated as `;'s.
         o  Every declaration must be terminated by an explicit `;' unless
            or by a group enclosed in `{' and `}'.
  32. 26 Mar, 1999 1 commit
    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Moved to a much more systematic way of configuring kernel protocols. · 7e5f5ffd
      Martin Mareš authored
        o  Nothing is configured automatically. You _need_ to specify
           the kernel syncer in config file in order to get it started.
        o  Syncing has been split to route syncer (protocol "Kernel") and
           interface syncer (protocol "Device"), device routes are generated
           by protocol "Direct" (now can exist in multiple instances, so that
           it will be possible to feed different device routes to different
           routing tables once multiple tables get supported).
      See doc/bird.conf.example for a living example of these shiny features.
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Rewrote the kernel syncer. The old layering was horrible. · 2d140452
      Martin Mareš authored
      The new kernel syncer is cleanly split between generic UNIX module
      and OS dependent submodules:
        -  krt.c (the generic part)
        -  krt-iface (low-level functions for interface handling)
        -  krt-scan (low-level functions for routing table scanning)
        -  krt-set (low-level functions for setting of kernel routes)
      krt-set and krt-iface are common for all BSD-like Unices, krt-scan is heavily
      system dependent (most Unices require /dev/kmem parsing, Linux uses /proc),
      Netlink substitues all three modules.
      We expect each UNIX port supports kernel routing table scanning, kernel
      interface table scanning, kernel route manipulation and possibly also
      asynchronous event notifications (new route, interface state change;
      not implemented yet) and build the KRT protocol on the top of these
      primitive operations.
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Hopefully finished kernel syncer (krt) rewrite: · 8e66a0eb
      Martin Mareš authored
        o  Interface syncing is now a part of krt and it can have configurable
           parameters. Actually, the only one is scan rate now :)
        o  Kernel routing table syncing is now synchronized with interface
           syncing (we need the most recent version of the interface list
           to prevent lots of routes to non-existent destinations from
           appearing). Instead of its own timer, we just check if it's
           route scan time after each iface list scan.
        o  Syncing of device routes implemented.
        o  CONFIG_AUTO_ROUTES should control syncing of automatic device routes.
        o  Rewrote krt_remove_route() to really remove routes :)
        o  Better diagnostics.
        o  Fixed a couple of bugs.
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