1. 07 May, 1999 1 commit
  2. 06 May, 1999 1 commit
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      I rewrote the interface handling code, so that it supports multiple · 9a158361
      Martin Mareš authored
      addresses per interface (needed for example for IPv6 support).
      Visible changes:
      o  struct iface now contains a list of all interface addresses (represented
         by struct ifa), iface->addr points to the primary address (if any).
      o  Interface has IF_UP set iff it's up and it has a primary address.
      o  IF_UP is now independent on IF_IGNORED (i.e., you need to test IF_IGNORED
         in the protocols; I've added this, but please check).
      o  The if_notify_change hook has been simplified (only one interface pointer
      o  Introduced a ifa_notify_change hook. (For now, only the Direct protocol
         does use it -- it's wise to just listen to device routes in all other
      o  Removed IF_CHANGE_FLAGS notifier flag (it was meaningless anyway).
      o  Updated all the code except netlink (I'll look at it tomorrow) to match
         the new semantics (please look at your code to ensure I did it right).
      Things to fix:
      o  Netlink.
      o  Make krt-iface interpret "eth0:1"-type aliases as secondary addresses.
  3. 27 Apr, 1999 3 commits
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      · 93bde8dc
      Ondřej Filip authored
      Work on hello continues.
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  7. 13 Apr, 1999 7 commits
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      · 4c630a6d
      Ondřej Filip authored
      Added wait timer for eligible BCAST & NBMA interface.
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      · 55e7732a
      Ondřej Filip authored
      Change in ospf_iface. (My bad understanding of lists manipulation.)
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      · aec76c6e
      Ondřej Filip authored
      IPv6 changes.
    • Pavel Machek's avatar
      Sets of IP addresses should work, now. (From now on it is also · 43fc099b
      Pavel Machek authored
      possible to write if <, but I'm not sure if it is good
      for anything.)
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      · 24eaae9e
      Ondřej Filip authored
      Small change to stop using loopback.
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      · cb2e8c49
      Ondřej Filip authored
      A small init change to avoid core dump.
    • Ondřej Filip's avatar
      · 5b1a92e6
      Ondřej Filip authored
      Not all I mean serious. Almost everything will change.
      Changes: struct ospf_iface draft, various constants added...
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      Routing table core changes to support full route filtering: · e2dc2f30
      Martin Mareš authored
      o  Introduced rte_cow() which should be used for copying on write the
         rte's in filters. Each rte now carries a flag saying whether it's
         a real route (possessing table linkage and other insignia) or a local
         copy. This function can be expected to be fast since its fast-path
         is inlined.
      o  Introduced rte_update_pool which is a linear memory pool used for
         all temporary data during rte_update. You should not reference it directly
         -- instead use a pool pointer passed to all related functions.
      o  Split rte_update to three functions:
      	rte_update	The front end: handles all checking, inbound
      			filtering and calls rte_recalculate() for the
      			final version of the route.
      	rte_recalculate	Update the table according to already filtered route.
      	rte_announce	Announce routing table changes to all protocols,
      			passing them through export filters and so on.
         The interface has _not_ changed -- still call rte_update() and it will
         do the rest for you automagically.
      o  Use new filtering semantics to be explained in a separate mail.
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      Added some new protocol hooks (look at the comments for better explanation): · 9e0e485e
      Martin Mareš authored
      	make_tmp_attrs		Convert inline attributes to ea_list
      	store_tmp_attrs		Convert ea_list to inline attributes
      	import_control		Pre-import decisions