Commit 2d37d36c authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

Updated the TODO list with our last-minute stuff.

Moved the rest to "Various ideas".
parent e24ddd9b
- client: Ctrl-R eats one more enter
- client: paging?
- client: data losses on large dumps?
- client: hidden `show ospf' commands?
- filters: free old attributes in rta_cow()
- write doctool
- write documentation :|
......@@ -21,7 +10,6 @@ Globals
- check if all protocols set proper packet priorities and TTL's.
- try compiling with -Wunused
- does everybody test return value of sk_open?
- doc: references to RFC's we did follow
- protocols: implement CLI hooks and per-procotol CLI commands
- protocols: implement reconfigure hook
- protocols: use locking
......@@ -30,6 +18,8 @@ Globals
Various ideas
- static: allow specifying a per-route filter program for setting route attributes?
- client: paging of output
- client: Ctrl-R eats one more enter
- bgp: timing of updates?
- netlink: realms
- netlink: import Linux route attributes to our rta's, so that they can be filtered?
......@@ -91,3 +81,29 @@ Jeste by to chtelo trosku podrobneji:
protokolu, ktery muzes overridovat v konfiguraci protokolu, coz
muzes pro konkretni routu overridovat filtrem).
(3) popsat spojeni mezi routovacimi tabulkami, filtry a protokoly
Last minute stuff:
Martin: DOC: korektury
DOC: typograficky doladit, vyrobit titulni stranku (ta, co ji vygeneruji SGMLtools, vypada priserne)
progdoc: dopsat kapitoly o resourcech a sysdepu
OSPF: zkontrolovat defaultni hodnoty metrik
Zinscenovat jeste jeden poradny test OSPF
Zjistit, kde se bude tisknout a vazat dokumentace
Pavel: RIP: programatorska dokumentace (finish)
filtry: programatorska dokumentace
filtry: opravit chybove hlasky !!!
DOC: dokoncit uzivatelskou dokumentaci (viz predchozi maily)
DOC: Pridat odkazy na RFC apod.
Zjistit, v jake forme ma byt projekt odevzdan (kolik kopii dokumentace atd.)
Feela: OSPF: locking
OSPF: tracing (a zkontrolovat vsechny debug()-y), u log() uvadet kategorie a jmeno instance
OSPF: ze vsech die() udelat bug() a zkontrolovat, ze to jsou opravdu interni bugy
OSPF: reconfiguration hook
OSPF: uzivatelska dokumentace
OSPF: programatorska dokumentace
OSPF: autentikace (kdyz se nestihne, nijak to nevadi)
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