Commit 2eef9e88 authored by Ondřej Filip's avatar Ondřej Filip

Be more verbose in log.

parent 7c49f715
......@@ -361,11 +361,12 @@ ospf_tx_hook(sock * sk)
ospf_err_hook(sock * sk, int err UNUSED)
ospf_err_hook(sock * sk, int err)
struct ospf_iface *ifa= (struct ospf_iface *) (sk->data);
struct proto *p = (struct proto *) (ifa->oa->po);
log(L_ERR "%s: Err_Hook called on interface %s\n", p->name, sk->iface->name);
log(L_ERR "%s: Err_Hook called on interface %s with err=%d\n",
p->name, sk->iface->name, err);
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