Commit 52fdd1cb authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Nest: Report preferred counters also when 'import keep filtered' is enabled

Thanks to Michal Nowak for reporting the issue.
parent a9b97cbc
......@@ -1693,8 +1693,8 @@ channel_show_stats(struct channel *c)
struct proto_stats *s = &c->stats;
if (c->in_keep_filtered)
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u filtered, %u exported",
s->imp_routes, s->filt_routes, s->exp_routes);
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u filtered, %u exported, %u preferred",
s->imp_routes, s->filt_routes, s->exp_routes, s->pref_routes);
cli_msg(-1006, " Routes: %u imported, %u exported, %u preferred",
s->imp_routes, s->exp_routes, s->pref_routes);
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