Drop stale TODO

A TODO file last updated 5 years ago is useless.
parent b3fae3a8
- socket open failure should not be fatal
- &&,||: priorities
- static: allow specifying a per-route filter program for setting route attributes?
- right usage of DBG vs. debug
- logging and tracing; use appropriate log levels
- check incoming packets and log errors!!
- check log calls for trailing newlines and log levels followed by comma
- check if all protocols set proper packet priorities and TTL's.
- try compiling with -Wunused
- does everybody test return value of sk_open?
- protocols: implement CLI hooks and per-procotol CLI commands
- protocols: implement reconfigure hook
- protocols: use locking
- check use of system includes and sprintf()
Various ideas
- client: Ctrl-R eats one more enter
- bgp: timing of updates?
- netlink: import Linux route attributes to our rta's, so that they can be filtered?
- config: executable config files
- filters: user defined attributes?
- io: use poll if available
- route recalculation timing and flap dampening [see RFC2439 for algorithms]
- aggregate engine: standard route aggregation and summarization [RFC2519]
- aggregate engine: injection of manually configured pseudo-static routes
- generate default route if any working BGP connection exists (aggregate engine again?)
- generate default route to IGP's (aggregate engine yet another time?)
- look at RFC 2386 (QoS-based routing)
- cli: show tables?
- check incoming packets using neighbor cache
- RFC2328 appendix E: Use a better algorithm
- automatic generation of external route tags (RFC1403)
- RFC2370 opaque LSA's
- Limit export rate of external LSAs (like Gated does)
- Bugfix in link state retransmission list (aging)
- Graceful OSPF restart - RFC3623
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