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Doc: Add documentation for OSPF retransmit delay option

Thanks to Igor Podlesny for notification.
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......@@ -3491,6 +3491,11 @@ protocol ospf [v2|v3] <name> {
Specifies interval in seconds between retransmissions of unacknowledged
updates. Default value is 5.
<tag><label id="ospf-transmit-delay">transmit delay <M>num</M></tag>
Specifies estimated transmission delay of link state updates send over
the interface. The value is added to LSA age of LSAs propagated through
it. Default value is 1.
<tag><label id="ospf-priority">priority <M>num</M></tag>
On every multiple access network (e.g., the Ethernet) Designated Router
and Backup Designated router are elected. These routers have some special
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