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      Parse CLI commands. We use the same parser as for configuration files (because · bc2fb680
      Martin Mareš authored
      we want to allow filter and similar complex constructs to be used in commands
      and we should avoid code duplication), only with CLI_MARKER token prepended
      before the whole input.
      Defined macro CF_CLI(cmd, args, help) for defining CLI commands in .Y files.
      The first argument specifies the command itself, the remaining two arguments
      are copied to the help file (er, will be copied after the help file starts
      to exist). This macro automatically creates a skeleton rule for the command,
      you only need to append arguments as in:
      	CF_CLI(STEAL MONEY, <$>, [[Steal <$> US dollars or equivalent in any other currency]]): NUM {
      		cli_msg(0, "%d$ stolen", $3);
      	} ;
      Also don't forget to reset lexer state between inputs.
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