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Gitlab2jenkins is a simple web application, which makes a proxy between Gitlab and Jenkins CI.
It is written in Ruby (Sinatra) and is capable of running on OpenShift cloud.
OpenShift with Ruby 1.9, MySQL 5.1, and Foreman
Quick start
rhc app create gitlab2jenkins ruby-1.9 mysql-5.1 --from-code
Jenkins job: remember name, build with parameters (needs secret token), parameters commit and branch
rhc ssh gitlab2jenkins 'cd app-root/repo && bundle exec ./add_project.rb "Awesome Project" awesome_project secret-token'
Project: Awesome Project
Jenkins: awesome_project (token secret-token)
Token: gitlab2jenkins-generated-token
Generated token is used for Gitlab authentication to gitlab2jenkins.
Gitlab CI url should be set to `http://gitlab2jenkins-<namespace><project-id>`.
Manual trigger for new builds in Jenkins (should not be needed):
rhc ssh gitlab2jenkins 'cd app-root/repo && bundle exec ./update_builds.rb once'
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