Commit 2f097ec5 authored by Pavel Spirek's avatar Pavel Spirek

Implemented with-defaults=report-all query parameter

parent 0c2662dd
......@@ -295,6 +295,16 @@ class BaseDatastore:
self._data = root
n = self._data.goto(ii)
with_defs = rpc.qs["with-defaults"][0]
except KeyError:
with_defs = None
except IndexError:
with_defs = None
if with_defs == "report-all":
n = n.add_defaults()
if self.nacm:
nrpc = self.nacm.get_user_nacm(rpc.username)
if nrpc.check_data_node_path(self._data, ii, Permission.NACM_ACCESS_READ) == Action.DENY:
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