Commit 4b65d262 authored by Pavel Spirek's avatar Pavel Spirek

Fixed getting ii namespace

parent 3e90e6c8
......@@ -154,7 +154,12 @@ class BaseDatastore:
input_member_name_ns, input_member_name = input_member_name_fq.split(":", maxsplit=1)
# Append it to ii
if (len(sch_pth_list) == 0) or (sch_pth_list[-1].namespace != input_member_name_ns):
schpth_last_ns = None
for schpth_seg in sch_pth_list:
if schpth_seg.namespace is not None:
schpth_last_ns = schpth_seg.namespace
if (len(sch_pth_list) == 0) or (schpth_last_ns != input_member_name_ns):
sch_pth_list.append(MemberName(input_member_name, input_member_name_ns))
sch_pth_list.append(MemberName(input_member_name, None))
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