Bugfix: PUT input data has to be packed in containing JSON object

parent c5b2a417
......@@ -697,6 +697,19 @@ class BaseDatastore:
# PUT data node
def update_node_rpc(self, root: InstanceNode, rpc: RpcInfo, value: Any) -> Tuple[InstanceNode, bool]:
ii = self.parse_ii(rpc.path, rpc.path_format)
# Get target member name
input_member_keys = tuple(value.keys())
if len(input_member_keys) != 1:
raise ValueError("Received json object must contain exactly one member")
input_member_name_fq = input_member_keys[0]
input_member_ns, input_member_name = input_member_name_fq.split(":", maxsplit=1)
except ValueError:
raise ValueError("Input object name must me in fully-qualified format")
input_member_value = value[input_member_name_fq]
n = root.goto(ii)
# Deny any changes of NACM data for non-privileged users
......@@ -723,7 +736,7 @@ class BaseDatastore:
if nrpc.check_data_node_permission(root, ii, Permission.NACM_ACCESS_UPDATE) == Action.DENY:
raise NacmForbiddenError()
new_n = n.update(value, raw=True)
new_n = n.update(input_member_value, raw=True)
return new_n.top(), nacm_changed
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