Bugfix: replaced module yangson.context with yangson.schemadata

parent 28ff994d
from typing import List, Tuple, Callable, Any
from yangson.context import Context
from yangson.schema import SchemaNode
from yangson.schemadata import SchemaData
from yangson.instance import InstanceRoute
HandlerSelectorT = Any
......@@ -102,11 +102,11 @@ class StateDataHandlerList:
self.handlers = []
def register_handler(self, handler: "StateNodeHandlerBase"):
saddr = Context.path2route(handler.sch_pth)
saddr = SchemaData.path2route(handler.sch_pth)
self.handlers.append((saddr, handler))
def get_handler(self, sch_pth: str, allow_superior: bool = True) -> Callable:
saddr = Context.path2route(sch_pth)
saddr = SchemaData.path2route(sch_pth)
if allow_superior:
while saddr:
for h in self.handlers:
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