Commit 553cd2ea authored by Tomas Hlavacek's avatar Tomas Hlavacek
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Fix BIRD show protocols partitioning

Fix BirdShowProtocolsCommand and parseBirdShowProtocols not to duplicate
partitioning of the result (for the display as a table). Before this patch
it didn't worked because parseBirdShowProtocols reduced results to i.e.
[100..200] and later decorateResult in BirdShowProtocols reduced the
previously reduced result of length 100 to [100..200] which is empty.
parent db343b70
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ def bird_reduce_paths(paths):
return sorted(paths,key=assign_value)
def parseBirdShowProtocols(text,resrange=None):
def parseBirdShowProtocols(text):
def parseShowProtocolsLine(line):
m = bird_show_proto_line_regexp.match(line)
......@@ -138,10 +138,7 @@ def parseBirdShowProtocols(text,resrange=None):
# else:
# ulgmodel.log("ulgbird.parseBirdShowProtocols skipping unparsable line: "+l)
return (header,table[resrange:resrange+defaults.range_step],len(table))
return (header,table,len(table))
return (header,table,len(table))
# classes
......@@ -200,7 +197,7 @@ class BirdShowProtocolsCommand(ulgmodel.TextCommand):
if((not session.getRouter()) or (not decorator_helper)):
return "<pre>\n%s\n</pre>" % session.getResult()
pr = parseBirdShowProtocols(session.getResult(),session.getRange())
pr = parseBirdShowProtocols(session.getResult())
table_header = pr[0]
table = []
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