Commit b5bd3479 authored by Patrick Rauscher's avatar Patrick Rauscher
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ping is only ipv4

parent 336602c3
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ class LinuxRouter(ulgmodel.Router):
def _getDefaultCommands(self):
return [ulgmodel.TextCommand("ping -c 4 %s", param_specs=[ulgmodel.IPv64AddressParameter()]),
return [ulgmodel.TextCommand("ping -c 4 %s", param_specs=[ulgmodel.IPv4AddressParameter()]),
ulgmodel.TextCommand("ping6 -c 4 %s", param_specs=[ulgmodel.IPv6AddressParameter()]),
ulgmodel.TextCommand("traceroute %s", param_specs=[ulgmodel.IPv4AddressParameter()]),
ulgmodel.TextCommand("traceroute6 %s", param_specs=[ulgmodel.IPv6AddressParameter()]),
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