Commit e633d86c authored by Tomas Hlavacek's avatar Tomas Hlavacek

Fix internal attr in Cisco parser of BGP tables

Fix parsing od the first leading codes/charactes in Cisco show bgp
ipv4/6 received/advertised when all four positions are used for codes
line on line:

 *>i            0    512      0 47949
 47949 i
parent 6e058cea
......@@ -189,11 +189,11 @@ def matchCiscoBGPLines(header,lines):
result = []
# when parsing table_line (not the header and not the continuation line)
# cut off first three charactes and use them as a group
# cut off first four charactes and use them as a group
if(table_line and
(not re.match('^\s*$',line[0:3]))):
line = ' '+line[3:]
(not re.match('^\s*$',line[0:4]))):
line = ' '+line[4:]
last_group = False
for r in re.compile('[^\s]+').finditer(line):
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