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    Rework parameter passing to decorator methods. · 6cfdc78a
    Tomas Hlavacek authored
    Rework parameter passing from
    (result,router=0,decorator_helper,resrange,...) to more compresehnsive
    version (session,decorator_helper). The session contains or should
    contain all the parameters needed but there is a certain indirection
    because session is being defined later in ulg.py. The rationale is that
    even thouhg ulg.py can no be imported into files containing decorators
    it is stable part of the ULG and therefore it might be used for building
    decorators based on classes defined there (even though the classes are
    not directly accessible, which can be overcomed by passing instances or
    using decorator_helper to do needed class instantiation.
    Modules for BIRD as well as Cisco has been changed to reflect this
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