Unverified Commit 3dfe3697 authored by Martin Prudek's avatar Martin Prudek
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mbim: Upgrade to version found in omnia TOS3.10.8

parent 22c052b4
...@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ _proto_mbim_setup() { ...@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ _proto_mbim_setup() {
json_add_string name "${interface}_6" json_add_string name "${interface}_6"
json_add_string ifname "@$interface" json_add_string ifname "@$interface"
json_add_string proto "dhcpv6" json_add_string proto "dhcpv6"
json_add_string extendprefix 1
ubus call network add_dynamic "$(json_dump)" ubus call network add_dynamic "$(json_dump)"
} }
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