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language doc: drop script names section

This is no longer true as we dropped script names and scripts do not
require names at all.
parent a33c5d12
......@@ -69,28 +69,6 @@ It is possible to hook some functions in between (after, before)
installation of packages, or even between installation and
Script names
Each script has a name. The names form a tree structure and are used
to namespace various kinds of information, most importantly flag
Having two scripts of the same full name is an error. The name of the
script may be the same if it is referenced from different scripts.
The names are separated by a slash. The top-level built in script has
an empty name, but it doesn't store any information, only references
other scripts.
A script may reference other scripts by the names. An empty string
means itself. Names starting with slash are absolute ‒ they start from
the top-level script. Other names are relative and refer to
This is similar to filesystem paths. However, the `.` and `..` names
are not supported here.
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