1. 19 Mar, 2019 2 commits
  2. 18 Mar, 2019 2 commits
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      language doc: drop script names section · 3a03e169
      Karel Koci authored
      This is no longer true as we dropped script names and scripts do not
      require names at all.
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      Integrate new URI implementation · 9926663d
      Karel Koci authored
      This commit changes a lot of functionality including user visible ones
      such as configuration language.
      The most significant from users point is that in configuration language
      functions no longer return handlers for configuration they created. This
      is to simplify implementation. The correct approach is to use package or
      repository name instead of handler. Handler usage was less powerful and
      because of sandboxing also unusable across multiple scripts.
      There are additional changes in form of obsoleted extra options for
      configuration commands. Repository's extra option subdirs is obsoleted
      and works differently and much more. Please review changes in language
      documentation file.
  3. 07 Mar, 2019 2 commits
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      Change documentation of language in preparation to planned changes · d709dc6f
      Karel Koci authored
      We are reimplementing URIs implementation and this simplifies API and
      better makes it overall more usable.
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      Add syscnf module and drop some config variables · b93311ab
      Karel Koci authored
      Incompatible changes:
      * --model and --board options were dropped for both pkgupdate and
      Following variables were dropped from updater configuration scripts:
      * board_name, model: this should be replaced by distribution root script
      * serial: same case like board_name and model
      * architectures: replaced by LEDE_ARCH of os_release
      New variables were introduced as a partial replacement:
      * os_release: target system etc/os-release content
      * host_os_release: host system /etc/os-release content
  4. 28 Jan, 2019 2 commits
  5. 15 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  6. 03 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Add options --model and --board · 1c3769dc
      Karel Koci authored
      This also moves some configuration variables from backend to separate
      syscnf module.
      Original design where hard coded in values were used as defaults is not
      replaced with design where set function is required to be called before
      anything is done. Commonly that is suppose to be done in C before we
      start using other Lua modules.
      Thanks to new options --model and --board we can now set target even
      outside of the router environment without requiring /tmp tainting. It's
      now also not possible to run updater's executables on non-openwrt
      platform without specifying those two options.
  7. 27 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Add missing abi_change_deep option for Package command · e8bfb6a8
      Karel Koci authored
      abi_change_deep was implemented but wasn't used anywhere. Because of
      that we didn't noticed that it wont pass trough arguments verification.
      This allows its usage. Also because there is no clear way how we could
      check for this fix we also added another feature called
  8. 03 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Move documentation around · 87cc537b
      Karel Koci authored
      This splits design documentation to real documentation and development
      documentation (original idea of design documentation).
  9. 28 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Drop restrict option of Script · 70aaae4f
      Karel Koci authored
      Restricting accessible uris for script at first look looks like an very
      good feature but in reality it cripples scripts ability and adds no
      additional security because if we use https and signatures then there
      should be no worry about script badness. And if it's then this is just
      small garden wall anyone exploiting https and signatures could go
      around just by using same https exploit again and again so this really
      doesn't make any sense.
  10. 06 Nov, 2017 1 commit
  11. 30 Oct, 2017 2 commits
  12. 25 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Drop flags · 2e276e1e
      Karel Koci authored
      Idea behind flags was that scripts can save some notes for future
      execution. We are not using this anywhere and probably we wont ever use
      it. Also this somewhat goes against idea of stateless configuration.
      Overall we clean clean a lot of code if we drop this unused feature.
  13. 12 Sep, 2017 1 commit
  14. 08 Aug, 2017 2 commits
  15. 07 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Drop Reboot and Rerun commands from documentation · 55e830d2
      Karel Koci authored
      Those commands would have se result as replan and reboot options for
      package. There is not reason to implement them separately. If we ever
      need them (for some currently unknown reason) we can always revert this
      commit and add them.
  16. 28 Jun, 2017 1 commit
  17. 16 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      Add conflicts feature · 8177c7c4
      Karel Koci authored
      I forgot to add it as feature. This change is impossible to detect so
      it should be added to features.
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  21. 09 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      Error on content missing and allow ignore · ccf40af2
      Karel Koci authored
      If content is missing (can't be received for what ever reason), we fail
      updater run instead of just printing warning and continuing. To not fail
      there can be used "content" string in ignore extra field of Package.
  22. 02 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
      Provide a priority to standalone packages · 874ff3d1
      Michal 'vorner' Vaner authored
      Allow the Package to have a priority option and use it when comparing
      stand-alone packages with other packages to pick the right one.
      This'll allow us to have a testing package with a version higher than
      the one in repository and have the repository outgrow the version in
      future (or not, depending on the priority).
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